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Ever have a day where everything goes wrong? Try looking at the world through another person’s eyes, you may just realize they might be having the same kind of day, or week, or year. And maybe you can provide the key that will change their life.

“Kindness and compassion may be as powerful a determinate of physical health as smoking.” – Dacher Keltner, The Greater Good Science Center

Listen to Dacher Keltner discuss the basic science behind kindness and how it affects everyone in this video that is featured on and

Start teaching kindness and compassion to children so they can learn to respect their classmates and everyone around them. This respect will grow with them and lead to an ever widening circle of kindness.

One little letter starts a chain reaction that effects people around the world.

Maybe one of the videos below will give you an idea about how kindness affects the recipient and encourage you to show kindness in a different way to someone. You never know when your simple act of kindness will change the world of one person. February 10-16 is Random Acts of Kindness Week, so keep these videos in mind as you got about your day. Do you need to change your habits this week to show kindness? Or do you already show kindness to EVERYONE you encounter? Remember random acts of kindness can be to yourself, your friends, your family, or a complete stranger. You never know how your current habits can change into new behaviors that will allow you to flourish into a better person, through a simple act of kindness.

If you would like to make a donation as a Random Act of Kindness, these three great charities help around the world. If you perform any acts of kindness this week let me know, I love hearing about kindness.


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