About Me

A few things about me:

I grew up near St. Louis, MO and currently live in Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga is a beautiful city that is exactly half way between Nashville (TN) and Atlanta (GA) and Knoxville (TN) and Birmingham (AL).

I write about the musicians I enjoy. Most of the music I listen to can be classified as Celtic or Classical Crossover; both of which are very broad genres. That being said, I like the music I like and I don’t restrict the music to just those genres. I also like Christian, Folk, Pop, Theatrical, Easy Listening and Country music. I want to share my favorite music with as many people as I can. I try to vary the way in which I write about the different musicians so that I don’t get tired of writing one way and so that my readers can’t predict the format I will be using for the next artist. I try to add videos or sound clips to the blogs so that everyone can listen/watch while they read.

I’ve recently started adding a Lyrics page to my blog. I’m typing up lyrics to various songs as my time allows. The lyrics can be found by clicking on the album listed on the main page, from that page you go to a song list and can chose the song you want the lyrics to. Also on the album page is a short list of artists that have a similarity to the artist whose lyrics I typed up.

I am a contributor to Celtic Radio, which means I write reviews and articles about various musicians for the station. Some of the artists I review are new to me, while others I’m already a fan of and enjoy hearing more. For more about Celtic Radio, click on the picture below.


Sometimes I decide to make videos to promote an artist. Some of the videos are fairly simple, while others are very complex. How I make them depends upon the song and the amount of time I have available for the time frame I give myself to create it. These videos can be found on YouTube.

Feel free to leave me comments or suggestions.


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