Christmas Countdown – 12 Days



Since I haven’t done many blogs this year, I figured I’d throw out a few short blogs to celebrate the days remaining until Christmas.Everyday I will post one of my favorite songs from some of the many artists that I have that have been mentioned in previous blogs, with one exception. I’ll give a gold star to anyone that figures out which singer gets a first mention during this Christmas Countdown.

With 12 Days remaining, I start with a song from Michael Ball‘s album simply titled “Christmas.” The song is called A Winter’s Tale, and was written (and recorded) by David Essex in 1982.



1 Comment

  1. Oh, I do love Michael Ball. Thank you for this, Alicia. Carol

    PS: I was going to send you a Christmas card, and I may still yet. But I haven’t done Christmas cards yet this year, other than the ones I posted up around the apartments. I have missed you, but since our correspondence is not as active as it used to be, I sometimes just don’t talk to you as much as I used to. I do miss you. Have a wonderful holiday.

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