This Is the Moment Live

Paul ByromLast year Paul Byrom set out to create a PBS special, the only problem was the cost. He started a Kickstarter project (see his blog), that would help him raise the minimum amount of money he thought he would need. His fans got behind him and raised the money requested, plus some extra. His fans were behind him 100% and were willing to put their money behind this ambitious project. Personally, I was excited that more people would get to hear his remarkable voice and see his charismatic personality, which I had previously experienced at his solo concerts.

“This Is the Moment: Live” was filmed in March of this year with musical director Phil Coulter, and special guests Damian McGinty and Janine Divita. From all accounts it is a phenomenal show.

Many fans think Paul Byrom’s skills are exceptional, so they put their money behind him. Now the show is about to hit PBS stations across the country, and I can’t wait to see how successful it is. To ensure that your station is airing “This Is the Moment” take a moment to contact them ( ) and ask. Neither you nor the station will regret it.


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