Classical Crossover Sampler: Ladies

Hayley Griffiths 2Hayley Griffiths
Hayley Griffiths was the lead singer in both Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. Currently she performs with the Celtic progressive-rock band Karnataka and with the classical crossover duo Dolce Divas; she does both while continuing her solo work.

“Celtic Rose”
“Silver Screen”

Samantha LinkSamantha Link
Samantha Link is a soprano from Cardiff, Wales. Her lush, expressive voice captivates audiences in a variety of songs that ranges from musical theater to rock to pop; and from English to Italian to Welsh.

“Bring Me to Life”

Mariette DavinaMariette Davina
Mariette Davina is a singer and songwriter born in Leicester, England, that was raised in South Africa. Her music combines an operatic background with both rock and Christian music to produce an incredible unique sound.

“Mariette Davina”

Tayla AlexanderTayla Alexander
Tayla Alexander is a 13-year old soprano from New Zealand with the nickname of ‘Songbird.’ The name is perfect for the young lady that sings from her heart with a beautiful, clear voice that makes the birds jealous.



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