Christopher Dallo OutsideChristopher Dallo has released his first full length album, “Believe,” and it is breathtaking. Christopher’s fantastic voice is beautifully revealed with songs ranging from intense and powerful to poignant and tender. Cover songs like Nights in White Satin, Caruso, Iris and Flying without Wings sound fresh and exciting. Originals numbers like Smile from Above and Vela, magnificently display the vast range of skills this young man possesses as a singer and writer. All the songs come to life when Christopher adds his extraordinary voice to them.


  1. Smile From Above
  2. IrisChristopher Dallo Believe
  3. Vela
  4. Love is All You Need
  5.  My First True Love
  6. Caruso/ Torna a Surriento (feat. Robert Michaels)
  7. Hero
  8. I Go To You
  9. Tears of Hercules
  10. Nights in White Satin
  11. Flying Without Wings

Christopher Dallo by tree


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