Scottish Movies

Many movies have been made about Scotland, some of my favorite family friendly ones are below. Each movie was filmed partially in beautiful Scotland, or takes place in Scotland.

The Water Horse (2007- rated PG) A young boy raises the Loch Ness monster during WWII and then must protect him. Filmed on Argyll and Bute in Scotland and in varies places in New Zealand.

The Borrowers (1997- rated PG) A family of 4 inch tall people fight to save their home from developers. It was filmed in Glasgow, Scotland and in several locations throughout England.

Quest for Camelot (1998- rated G) A young girl gets her chance to save Camelot and King Arthur from an old enemy. The song “The Prayer” also called “A Mother’s Prayer” is from the soundtrack of this family film.

The Da Vinci Code (2006- rated PG13) While searching for the answer to a series of murders, the hunt takes the accused murders on an unforgettable quest. Filmed at Rosalyn Chapel in Scotland, as well as in France, England, and Malta

Stardust (2007- rated PG13) A young man wants to win the heart of his lady, and gets more than he bargained for when he crossed the wall dividing his world and a magical one. It was filmed partially in Skye, and Argyll and Bute in Scotland. The rest was filmed in Wales, England and Iceland.


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