Runrig is an extraordinary Celtic/Folk/Rock band that hails from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. When the band formed in 1973, it was named the Run-Rig Dance Band. At that time it consisted of Rory Macdonald (guitar/vocals), Calum Macdonald (drums) and Blair Douglas (accordion). Donnie Munro joined a short time later to add more vocals. They recorded their first album “Play Gaelic” in 1978 with all the songs in Gaelic/Scottish. This album was re-released in 1990. Runrig has changed musicians several times over the years, but the group still remains incredible.

Runrig songs range in topics from history and politics to conservation and its people. The songs illustrate the uniqueness of Scotland in both the Gaelic and English languages.

Since their beginning they have made 22 albums (see list below) and have performed with U2, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Genesis. They are currently preparing for their 40th year in the music industry after taking some time off to recuperate.

Some interesting facts:
* An Ubhal as Airde was the first Gaelic song on the UK Singles Top 20.
*In the wreckage of the 2004 Colombia Space Shuttle crash was a copy of Runrig’s The Stamping Ground album, Laurel Clark having taken it to space. This album was then presented to the band by her husband and son. The song Running to the Light was chosen to commemorate the disaster.
*Their largest crowd was 50,000 people at Balloch Country Park on Lock Lomand.

Discography (from Wikipedia)

Studio albums
• Play Gaelic (1978)
• The Highland Connection (1979)
• Recovery (1981)
• Heartland (1985)
• The Cutter and the Clan (1987)
• Searchlight (1989)
• The Big Wheel (1991)
• Amazing Things (1993)
• Mara (1995)
• In Search of Angels (1999)
• The Stamping Ground (2001)
• Proterra (with Paul Mounsey) (2003)
• Everything You See (2007)

Live albums
• Once in a Lifetime (1988)
• Transmitting Live (1994)
• Live at Celtic Connections 2000 (2000)
• Day of Days (2004)
• Year of the Flood (2008)

• The Best of Runrig: Long Distance (1996)
• The Gaelic Collection (1998)
• The Best: Thirty Year Journey (2005)
• 50 Great Songs (2010)


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