Every once in a while, I come across 2 songs with the same title. The most recent occurrence was with the song Alone. This title is performed by both Charley Bird and Tiffany Desrosiers on their debut albums, “Alone” and “Tiffany Desroisiers.” Both songs are beautiful in their own way. Charley’s song has a softer edge to it and shows that the singer knows she won’t be alone forever; while Tiffany’s has a harder edge that shows the grief that she still feels by being left. Charley is moving on from her pain, but Tiffany doesn’t ever think she can. These two Alones show the process (grief then recovery) of being left by the one you love the most.

You were my angel, you were my everything,
You were my soul mate, you were my dream,
And then you left me, left me on my own,
Oh, oh, then you left me, left me on my own,
But I hope that someday, I will not be alone.
~Charley Bird, Alone lyrics
So let it pour then it rain
So you can see the tears on my face
I can’t hide from the pain,
But it keeps on shining,
To all the world to know I’m alone.
~Tiffany Desosiers, Alone lyrics

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