A Dozen Roses

I recently heard an amazing version of the song The Rose, and have heard too much of another song with Rose in the title, but hearing both got me wondering just how many songs there are with Rose in the title. I quickly came up with a list of 18 songs. Below are My Dozen Roses, these are my favorite 12 songs from the list I thought up. They are in not in any particular order.

Note: Click on the song title to see the lyrics. Click on the artist to go to their official page.

  1. The Last Rose of Summer is based upon a poem written by Irish Poet Thomas Moore. The melody was written by George Alexander Osborne. Sir John Stevenson combined the poem with the melody, which created the beautiful song. This song has been performed by many people, including Avril O’Toole, Hayley Westenra, James Galway, John McDermott, The Irish Tenors, Sarah Brightman, and Laura Wright.
  2. Bright Blue Rose was written by Jimmy McCarthy (He also wrote Mystic Lipstick, Ride On, No Frontiers)  and has been sung by many artists, some of them are: Tommy Fleming, Hayley Griffiths, Christy Moore and Mary Black
  3. Red is the Rose is a beautiful song about love and is a traditional Irish folk song. My favorite version is the duet by Orla Fallon and Tommy Fleming. Some other fantastic versions are by The High Kings, Na Fianna, and Dala.
  1. My Love is Like A Red, Red Rose was written by Robbie Burns in 1794 and was set to Neil Gow’s tune “Major Graham” at Burns request. In 1799 it was re-done and set to the tone “Wishaw’a Favorite.” In 1821 it was added to the tune “Low Down in the Broom” and this is the version sung today. The versions of this song that I enjoy most are by Daisy Chute, and Andy M. Stewart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBCQMWMbeMU
  2. White Rose by Heather Dale. It is on her 2001 album “Call the Names,” and her newest album “Fairytale”
                            “I’ll tell you a tale of when time had no meaning,
                            When legend and history walked hand in hand,
                            When the swords of the mighty had bested the Dragon,
                            But the Elven still walked in the land.”
                            ~White Rose Lyrics
  1. The White Rose was written and performed by George Donaldson on his debut album “The White Rose.” It tells you to stand up for what you believe in, even when things seem impossible.
  1. Black Roses is from Candice Night’s (of Blackmore’s Night) debut album “Reflections” and was released in September 2011. A hauntingly beautiful song.
  2. The Yellow Rose of Texas– a traditional folk song. Its earliest known publication was in 1858. It is about the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution.
  3. Ghost of a Rose is the title track of Blackmore’s Night 2003 album. It was written by Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.
  1. Anna Rose  by Vienna Teng is about a child that gave her love unconditionally. It was released on her 2004 album “Warm Strangers”
  2. Desert Rose. There are 2 songs with this name, the Sarah Brightman (on the rare 2000 re-release of “Fly”) version and the Sting (1999, “Brand New Day”) version. Both are gorgeous songs.
  3. The Rose from the movie of the same name starring Bette Middler. The Rose shows that love is fragile and needs to be treasured. You should grasp at love when it comes your way and work to keep it from dying. In addition to Bette Middler’s version, it has also be performed by artists such as Westlife, Daisy Chute (Highland Heartbeat), Bryn Terfel, Sarah Brightman (duet), Helena Paparizou and many more.


  1. I enjoyed this very much, Alicia. I have not heard Red is the Rose duet with Orla and Tommy, so I’ll be checking that one out, since they are two of my very fave singers. Here is a little known fact about Yellow Rose of Texas. Are you familiar with the poet Emily Dickinson? Almost every one of her poems can be sung to the tune of Yellow Rose of Texas. By fave version of the song itself came from Giant, because that was playing on the jukebox when Rock Hudson’s character had that fight in the restaurant with the man who wouldn’t serve the Mexicans. As Elizabeth Taylor’s character said when he found himself on the losing end: “When you were laying there with your head in the salad, you were finally my hero”. Great use of the song.
    Now on your original list did you have “There Were Roses” by Tommy Sands? A wonderful song relating to the conflicts in Ireland.

    • The Emily fact is interesting, and I hadn’t heard that before.
      I didn’t have “There Were Roses.” I am familiar with it, but didn’t think of it at the time.

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