Connemara, Ireland

“Connemara is a savage beauty”

-Oscar Wilde

Connemara is a peninsular region in West Ireland that is roughly between Killary Harbour (to the north), Kilkieran Bay (to the south), Lough Corrib (to the east) and the Atlantic Ocean (to the west). It lies in both County Galway and County Mayo. Due to its untouched natural beauty people call this region the “Emerald” of the Emerald Isle.

Four great songs about this “Emerald” of the isle are: Connemara Morn, The Hills of Connemara, The Queen of Connemara, and Connemara Cradle Song. Each song tells a different story of the regions’ history, both on land and on water.

Take me back to Connemara
And her misty fields of green
Where our hearts could soar the mountains
And sail upon her silver sea
~Connemara Morn: Tom Kelly & Brendan Nolan

Swinging to the left, swinging to the right
The excise men will dance all night
Drinkin’ up the tay till the broad daylight
In the hills of Connemara.

~The Hills of Connemara by Gaelic Storm

Oh! My boat can safely float in the teeth of wind and weather
And out sail the fastest hooker between Galway and Kinsale;
When the black floor of the ocean and the white foam rush together,
She will ride in her pride, like a sea-gull in the gale.

~Queen of Connemara by Makem & Clancy

On the wings of the wind o’er the dark rolling deep
Angels are coming to watch o’er thy sheep
Angels are coming to watch over thee
So list to the wind coming over the sea

~Connemara Cradle song


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  1. I enjoyed what you wrote – unfortunately couldn’t listen to the music. I need to install some sort of player, and we cannot install things on these computers. I can still hear some things with my earphones, but not everything. But I just wanted to say I didn’t know Connemara was not a county in itself, that is news to me, and I really am loving my Connemara necklace and earrings, though as yet I have not worn them more than a couple of times. I just am not in the habit of putting jewelry on every morning any longer. I should – they are made to be worn. Perhaps I’ll put them in a very open space so I can remember to put them on. They are in their boxes right now.
    And while I have you, just wanted to let you know that tonight I am making the Guinness beef stew I got the recipe for with my Belleek everyday pot. I’ll let you know how that turned out as well, probably on Facebook.

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