This Is The Moment – Paul Byrom

With covers of hits by Josh Groban (To Where You Are and Galileo), Il Divo (All By Myself) and The Beatles (All My Loving), to name a few, Paul Byrom sets the standard high with the release of his third album “This is the Moment.” From the first note, he shows that he is more than a cover artist, he can and will meet the expectations that arise when performing such great songs. Paul’s sweet voice and the magnificent instrumental arrangements quickly show that “This is the Moment,” stands at the top if its class. This incredible collection of songs ranging from the poignant Scorn Not His Simplicity, to the fun and original Rio Serenade, splendidly shows off this tenor’s phenomenal skills. Paul delivers an exquisite performance that is entirely unlike any other you have ever heard; and one that you will not soon forget.

 Song list:
1. This Is The Moment
2. La Volce Del Silenzio
3. All My Loving
4. From A Distance
5. Rio Serenade
6. To Where You Are
7. All By Myself
8. Galileo
9. My Land
10. Scorn Not His Simplicity
11. I Will Love You
12. Nella Fantasia
13. Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)
14. San Lucido (Home To You)

Paul’s other albums:



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  1. I still don’t have the CD. I hope to get it one of these days soon, but since my bank cut off my debit card, I have not been able to order things on-line. I hope to have that remedied in a couple of months, and then I need to get this, George’s, and Londra’s recordings. Good review – there are two songs here that are great faves – Scorn Not His Simplicity and Bella Fantasia. Thanks for writing this. Carol

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