Basics of Love

The word “love” is over used in American Culture. “Love” can be broken down into 4 generalized categories. I will explain some of the different types of love in my own way here adding the common ancient Greek terms for these types. Each type will also feature a video that I think describes the “love” phrase.

1) Generic Pleasure – anything that brings you joy

2) Impersonal Attraction-the commitment to a country, principle (for example Religion) or goal

*Agape – Self-sacrificing, charitable or unconditional love; usually in reference to God/Religion

3) Interpersonal Attraction- affection for or tender feelings toward another human being, whether the relationship is platonic/familial or romantic

*Platonic/Familial Love is the friendship between people when there is no sexual involvement

~ Platonic Love is also called Philia, which is an honorable love or loyalty to friends, family, community; requires familiarity.

~Familial Love is also known as Storge. This is the natural affection that parents have for their children.

*I’m putting Xenia in this category of Interpersonal Attraction, though it may go elsewhere. Xenia is friendship that forms between a host and a previously unknown guest. Xenia is extremely important in Greek mythology.

*Romantic Love is a strong affection toward one another also called romantikn agape or erotas(modern phrases)

4) Physical/Sexual Gratification – relationship based on physical beauty, desire, or lust

*Another term for physical desire is eros(passionate/erotic love)

*Another type of love based on desire is Ludus. Ludusis when love is a game and winning is all that matters.

Another type of love that can be impersonal or personal is mania. Maniais an obsessive or possessive love. The lover is often unable to think rationally and may become manipulative to get what they want. The term can also be used to describe fans that go beyond the normal toward any musician/celebrity. has a long list of the different types of love based on Culture, Religion and Science. If you want to know more, that would be a good place to start.


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