Blogging 1 Year

After 1 year of blogging I have posted a total of 41 blogs (counting this one), covering a wide range of music. I’ve done a pretty good job at posting regularly. I’d told myself that I would try for one new article a week. I’ve done 2 some weeks and that made up for when I’ve been too busy I to post anything. I hope everyone has enjoyed what they have read. I’m also open to suggestions for future posts.

The breakdown of whom I have blogged on is below. To find the exact post just use the “Search” on the sidebar.

*The most posts goes to Steve McDonald and Orla Fallon tied at 4 each.

*They are followed by closely by Samantha Link with 3 blogs.

*The following have 2 Posts each:

Christopher Dallo
George Donaldson
Josh Groban
Michael Londra
Paul Byrom
Ryan Kelly
Tommy Fleming
Trans-Siberian Orchestra

*The following have a single post or are given more than a passing mention as part of another blog:

Alabama                              Josh Turner
Aria Tesolin                         Joshua Bell
Barry White                         Joshua Payne
Boyce Avenue                      Keith Harkin
Brendan Graham                   Kenny Loggins
Cara Dillon                            Kira Small
Celtic Thunder (group)         Laura Stincer
Charley Bird                          Lonestar
Charlie Zahm                        Luciano Pavrotti
Damian McGinty                   Margaret Keys
Darby DeVon                        Mark Vincent
David Garrett                       Neil Byrne
De Dannan                           Richard Marx
Faryl Smith                           Ronan Tynan
Il Volo (the blog is what it is)  Scot Wisniewski
Jade Redd                            Sephira
Jim Brickman                        Tin Cup Gypsy
John Denver                        Vin Diesel (not music)
Josh Gracin                          Weston Tyler Brown
Josh Page

I have also created a number of videos this year. They can be found on my YouTube page.



  1. ruth

    Looks like you picked a few award winning artists to blog twice about

    jan 28 was the 2011 Irish Music Assoc Award presentation some of the winners were

    top tenor – michael londra

    top solo performer in a pub venue – George donaldson

    the top award the one with the most votes and polling ever was
    the top performer in a concert venue – Ryan Kelly

    George Donaldson and Ryan Kelly are both up for the 2011 Celtic Radio awards

    • Paul Byrom is also up for a Celtic Radio Award, even though he didn’t make the top artists in the Irish Music Association contest. He is against Ryan Kelly & Celtic Thunder in the Contemporary Category.

      I also had Orla Fallon. I’ve also written a blog about the High Kings (Top Group), but its on a different site.

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