Video Making Anniversary

Since I’ve been busy this past year writing blogs and making videos I decided to mark some of the “firsts.” My YouTube address is and can be read C-The-Art-Song or CT-Heartsong; both work and it was named that way intentionally. All of the videos that are not from live concerts were made within a 13 month period, so it’s not exactly 1 year, but it’s close enough for me.  I hope everyone has found a video that they like.

Here are some of the milestones as of today:

*The first movie I ever made was with picture from my trip to Ireland, which was called “Trip Brittania.” The name was that because we also went to Wales, Scotland, and England. It was also the first movie I made using One True Media. I used Phil Coulter’s music.
*First Christmas: Paul Byrom’s “Christmas Songs
*First Asked to Take Down: “Scotland A Part of Me” by Cal (Michael Callahan). (There is a good reason why it’s still up.)
*First made with Windows Movie Maker: Orla FallonBells of Christmas
*First made with Windows Live Movie Maker: Paul ByromChristmas
*First to be blocked in another country: Ronan Tynan’s “From A Distance.”
*First with lyrics: George Donaldson’s “The White Rose
*First remake: Paul ByromChristmas”. I changed the songs a little and used better pictures.
*First with animated graphics: “They All Laughed” by Paul Byrom
*First with movie clips: Paul ByromThe River
*The first person to get more than one video: Paul Byrom (was that obvious?). Currently the only other person with more than 1 is Steve McDonald.
*First requested movie: Paul ByromThe River” I was already making it at the time and just had to add the final touches.

Here are some other facts to note:

*Most views & Most Likes: “They All Laughed” by Paul Byrom
*Fewest Views: “ Dancin’ to a Different Beat” – Micheal Castaldo. This doesn’t count the 2 videos I had/have as private.
*Most Comments: Ryan Kelly’s “Broken Things” and Paul Byrom’s “They All Laughed
*Longest to Make: “The White Rose” by George Donaldson about 24 hours to make, after I had all the pictures.
*Shortest to Make: “Love Is All AroundTommy Fleming about 10 hours including the time it took to find the pictures.
*Other people have added it as their Favorite most often:  Paul ByromMy Land
*Most shares: Paul ByromMy Land
*Video where the pictures were gathered from the fewest websites: “The Voyage of MaeldunSteve McDonald. Only 2 sites were used and only 1 picture from a website other than deviantART.


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