Ryan Kelly

In Celtic Thunder, Ryan Kelly IS the Heartbreaker; the man seduces any woman he wants and then moves on to the next one, with no remorse. He warns women about his Romeo ways in the song Heartbreaker. He seduces with Midnight Well, (Everything I Do) I Do It for You and Black is the Color making each woman feel as if she is the center of his universe. . . which she is for as long as she can hold his attention.

While he is with the woman, he shows a possessive, jealous side. This side is apparent in songs like Every Breath You Take and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (He’s singing as the jealous husband in this song, if the choreography matches the words). He pulls off these controlling songs with such superb skills that all men should be weary when crossing paths with this Desperado, for he is sure to destroy anyone who tries to get between him and his woman.

Ryan Kelly’s solo album, “In Time,” shows a completely different side to the man. In fact, the song Perfect Man, warns women to avoid the Bad Boy that he portrays in Celtic Thunder. He lets you know that the consequences of tangling with the dark side lead to nothing but heartbreak.

On “In Time,” Ryan shows much more depth to his personality, he makes it perfectly clear that he’s more than a player. With this album Ryan covers many deeply emotional subjects including broken hearts, death, child abuse, and feelings of inadequacy. He shows someone that isn’t afraid to tackle the difficult subjects and has written the songs with such beautiful language that it makes it impossible not to feel any emotion. Each song is incredible by itself and combined with the other songs it makes an album that stands out above all others.

*Note: Ryan can also be heard on Five Leaves Left single “Messages



  1. Interesting post…just goes to show how much his theatrical experience comes out in his music. He is indeed a very talented man. :-)

    • He is extremely talented theatrically and musical. Sharon made a great choice when he was chosen for the group.

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