Orla Fallon and Tin Cup Gypsy

Orla Fallon’s “My Land” DVD special was pretty amazing (see earlier blog). The actual concert was even better. With the help of Tin Cup Gypsy, Dan Shea (Music Director/Keyboards/Bass), and Amberly Rosen (fiddle/vocals) the show was truly magical. Orla and her group covered traditional Irish songs, religious hymns, American Spirituals and to the surprise of the audience, a song about Tennessee. Orla sang a beautiful rendition of the “Tennessee Waltz,” complete with a strong southern accent. She said she enjoyed learning and singing the Waltz so much that she is going to keep it as part of her concert. Many of the songs Orla sang were familiar to me but I couldn’t remember names. Here are most of the songs she sang/played, or at least the ones I’m certain of (not in this order):

Mo Ghile Mear
Both Sides Now (dedicated to her recently departed cousin)
Ni Na La
Down to the River to Pray
Who Knows
Distant Shore
Dancing In the Moonlight
Simple Love (dedicated to her grandfather)
Elenor Plunket/Trip to Shanbally/Michael O’Dwyers
Isle of Inisfree
Morning Has Broken
Red is the Rose
Spanish Lady
I’ll Tell Me Ma
Soul Cake
Tennessee Waltz (Link to the Patsy Cline version)

Orla also played the harp (named Harry) on many of the pieces while singing. Her playing is heavenly and adding the unique talents of Tin Cup Gypsy to it created a truly incredible sound.

Here is my take on fashion (don’t cringe at my terminology).The three ladies in the concert (Orla, Amberly, and Cassandra) also wore some beautiful gowns while wowing us with their melodious music. Each dress was perfect for the lady wearing it. Orla was in a mint green dress with red accents, (see the slideshow below).  Amberly was dressed in a black gauze number with mint green accents, perfect for twirling around the stage while playing and dancing. Cassandra looked stunning in a ruby red dress with simple embroidery on it (I wish I had a picture) and matching ruby red heels. The dresses showed off their beautiful figures, while not displaying every asset (unlike to many artists of today).

Tin Cup Gypsy consists of Jordan, Cassandra and Jonathan Lawson and Tyler Oban. This group from Nashville, TN is a treat to hear to watch.  They get to open the concert with several of their songs and songs that they cover. Then Orla comes on stage and they step back to becoming an incredibly talented “back-up” band. I use the term loosely because they were definitely not made to sing back-up for long. Jonathan even sang the duet of “Red is the Rose” with Orla and they sounded phenomenal together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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