Damian McGinty

In 4 short years, Damian McGinty has gone from an average 14-year-old with dreams of being a professional singer to actually being a professional singer; one whose name is known in thousands of households throughout the US, Canada, Australia and Europe; as a member of Celtic Thunder.

From an innocent youth singing about his first love and his family, to a young man exploring the world, Damian has grown up into an incredible young man. This young man wants to show the world that he is not the same person he was at 14 (though some people hate this fact) and to do that he must take risks.

Damian recently took a chance to spread his wings to see what he can accomplish without the safety net of Celtic Thunder. He did this when he auditioned for “The Glee Project,” and he is finding this show a completely different environment. The playing field is completely level in the race for a small spot on “Glee.” The judges do not care about past accomplishments; they make their decisions based on what you do that week. Damian is probably taking part in the hardest competition of his life and it’s up to him to find the strength from within to make it as far as possible. “The Glee Project” is the perfect opportunity for Damian to show he has grown as a performer and demonstrates that he welcomes new obstacles as a chance for growth. We the audience can watch him expand his knowledge each week during the show and through his work with Celtic Thunder.

Whether Damian wins or finishes last on the show, he is still a winner in my book. He took a chance to learn and grow, as a person and a professional; and which is more than many people ever try.


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