Orla Fallon – My Land

Órla Fallon’s “My Land” is a wonderful concert that shows just how much Órla loves her homeland. The concert DVD begins with the crowd rousing Mo Ghíle Mear and breath-taking aerial views of Ireland. Órla is soon joined on-stage by the beautiful voices of the Dublin Gospel Choir. The audience at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin shows their love for Órla and the music by clapping along to this opening number.

After an introduction, Órla greets the audience and invites them to come along for a visit to her favorite places around the country. She promises to transport the audience to these favorite spots through the traditional and contemporary songs she has chosen. The sights and sounds of Ireland are brought to life through these songs that are woven together with amazing videos of Órla singing at many of the stunning sites around Ireland.

Her promise to transport us throughout the country quickly becomes reality. Órla first takes us to the streets of Dublin with a trip to Grafton Street where she encounters The Dubliners playing to a captivated audience. The Dubliners then join her on-stage with a rousing arrangement of Spanish Lady.

Dingle is the next stop on Orla’s magical trip. While in Dingle she sings the fun Ní Na La with the residents.  

Morning Has Broken, Down to the River to Pray, and a medley of Water is Wide and Shenandoah follow with more spectacular videos of the natural wonders of Ireland. Órla brilliantly sings each of these inspirational pieces. She is once again joined by the fantastic Dublin Gospel Choir on Down to the River to Pray and Shenandoah, their harmonies adding to the magic of the song.

Next, Órla sings a song that she treasures. Both Sides Now, by Joni Mitchell, shows that everything in life has an opposite and you should take time to remember the special times.

Órla and Tommy Fleming are extraordinary as they sing about their true love in Red is the Rose. The way their voices blend is breathtaking and sound as pure as the love they are singing about.

After Red is the Rose, Órla sings and plays her gorgeous Salvi Egan harp on the Richard Farrelly song Isle of Innisfree. Once again the concert is wonderfully blended with amazing footage of Órla singing and playing at beautiful locations near Innisfree. With this song Órla makes me dream of Ireland with its hills and valleys that are unlike any other I’ve seen.

The next two songs feature Damien Dempsey with The Dubliners. Dirty Old Town happens to be my least favorite song in the concert, but the audience loves it and keeps clapping the beat through the entire song.

The next crowd pleaser is I’ll Tell Me Ma. The Belle of Belfast City is still playing games with the boys, in this wonderful, toe-tapping traditional song.

The show concludes with one of Rolf Løvland, Alana Graham and Brendan Graham’s masterpieces, My Land. This phenomenal song shows a deep devotion to Ireland and everything that makes it unique. The land calls to its people, and no matter where they are, the people will always dream of it and have a desire to see it again.

Orla will be touring “My Land” in the US starting in August and I hope everyone has a chance to see her amazing show. “My Land,” the tour promises to be incredible and the next best thing to a trip to Ireland.

August 5                Cleveland, OH
September 23        Memphis, TN
September 24        Nashville, TN
September 27        Chattanooga, TN
September 28        Atlanta, GA
September 29        Greensboro, NC
October 6              Bethlehem, PA
October 7              Stowe, VT
October 8              Keene, NH
October 13            Spokane, WA
October 14            Edmond,
October 15            Tacoma, WA
October 16            Portland, OR
October 19            Chico, CA
October 20            Sacramento, CA
October 22            Berkley, CA
October 25            Fresno, CA
October 27            Malibu, CA
October 29            Irvine, CA
October 30            San Diego, CA
November 4          Tucson, AZ
November 5          Wickenburg, AZ
November 6          Phoenix, AZ



  1. Very good review, Alicia. I absolutely love her version of Down To the River To Pray, and the rest is excellent as well, at least what I’ve heard. I hope I can get this CD soon. I am sure Paul will use it.

    • I gave Paul something different to use.

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