Voice Aflame

Tommy Fleming (born May 15, 1971) has a love for singing that is apparent in every song he sings. Each song is impassioned with genuine emotion that is easily heard. With seemingly little effort he draws in his audience so they experience each and every ounce of sentiment within the song.

Tommy Fleming was born to sing. He began singing as a child in his family’s barn in County Sligo, Ireland, and it was obvious that Tommy had a future in singing. When he met Phil Coulter (one of these days I may actually get around to writing about him) in 1993, he was quickly asked to join him on tour. With Phil, Tommy got to amaze audiences in Cork, Dublin, and Limerick. They then tackled the US and Canada with significant success. After touring with Phil Coulter, Tommy joined the group De Danann, which increased Tommy’s fan base to include Australia, Hong Kong and China. With De Danann, Tommy was prominently featured on their album “Hibernian Rhapsody.”

Tommy Fleming wanted something different so he ventured out on his own. He released his debut solo album in 1996, “Different Sides to Life” (or here) and was offered a recording deal and since 1997 has released a number of amazing albums. (His second album “Restless Spirit” received double platinum status). One of my favorite songs from Tommy is the title track. In this song Tommy warns that “clipping her wings” can be destructive, when she “yearns to fly.”

Life hasn’t been a walk in the park for Tommy. In 1998, Tommy was in a car accident that changed his life forever. He walked away (literally) from the accident with a broken neck and was told he may be paralyzed forever. After weeks in the hospital he left of his own accord and spent many months recovering at home while wondering if he could continue his singing career, which was just beginning to flourish.

After fighting for his life, he released “The Contender” in 2000 (it went multi-platinum). When asked why he was returning to traditional music he replied with the statement: “if a song is good and you sing it well then it doesn’t matter when it was written – it will always stand the test of time.” With this album Tommy showed that he could still sing and he became one of the most sought after singers in Ireland, Japan, Europe and the US.

In 2003, Tommy found out his management had mismanaged his founds and despite his successful albums, he was penniless. He didn’t roll over and give up, he continued to sing. He has released a series of phenomenal albums since: “Tommy Fleming: The Collection,” “Live at St. Patrick’s Cathedral,” “Voices of Hope” (the first and only concert to EVER take place at The Knock Shrine Basilica in County Mayo, Ireland), “A Life Like Mine,” “A Journey Home,” “Song For A Winter’s Night,” “The Best Is Yet To Come” and most recently “Going Home” (2010).

Along with these albums he has also filmed some beautiful DVDs, which are shown on PBS stations across the country and throughout Ireland and the UK.

Tommy Fleming’s popularity is growing and with his passionate renditions of songs, it is easy to see why the world loves him. His impassioned voice leaves his fans thirsting for more and hopefully, he continues to find satisfaction in singing and produces many more albums.


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  1. Well, I did not know about the financial problems. You probed deeper than I wanted to, I guess. Very interesting. I am so glad to see you write about Tommy. He is picking up friends every day on Facebook, and I’d like to think that both you and I may have had something to do with that. Good article, Alicia. Carol

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