Keith Harkin

Keith Harkin a lead singer and guitarist in Celtic Thunder, hails from Derry, Northern Ireland (along with many other notable people). In June, Keith will turn 25 and he has already accomplished a great deal in his life. He has composed and recorded songs for the BBC show Dhá Theanga, for Celtic Thunder and for several other shows and people. He has started his own record label, Busty Music, and is working to release his own album. He is also creating and producing music with his sister, Rebecca Harkin, in order to release her first album. In the last few months he has toured the US, Ireland and Australia performing his own material as well as material for Celtic Thunder.

 In Celtic Thunder’s debut album “Celtic Thunder,” Keith got to show off his composing skills with the song Lauren and I. He also sang a touching version of Paul Brady’s The Island. In the following album “Act II,” Keith gave a stirring performance of Castles in the Air (the first song of his I fell in love with); he also plays his guitar on the beautiful song. On “Take Me Home,” Celtic Thunder’s 3rd CD, Keith again gets to show off his folk-style singing and guitar playing with Homes of Donegal and Wichita Lineman.

Keith really begins to shine in Celtic Thunder’s “It’s Entertainment,” when he rocks out a medley of beach tunes in the Surfer Medley. With this medley he gets to show off some amazing guitar and vocal skills. When “Heritage” came out, Keith once again proved his talent when tackling the emotional The Dutchman. He then performed a spectacular Whiskey in the Jar while rockin’ with Neil Byrne on dueling guitars.

This summer Keith is working on Celtic Thunder’s next album (whose name hasn’t been released), touring and performing in Ireland with his own band, and is working on his first solo album. He’s a very busy man and I expect great things from him. . . if he doesn’t burn himself out.



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  1. Love your write-up. Love Keith.

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