What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
by any other name would smell as sweet.”
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

While looking through my music files, I realized I listen to many artists with the same first name.  This realization brought to mind one question, “What’s in a name?”

I don’t have an answer to the age old question, but I do know that a number of guys with the same first name have sweet sounding music. In my library, one of the most frequent names is Joshua. The name and that I enjoy their music are about all they have in common, since they cover several different genres and sound distinctly different. The men in my media library are: Joshua Bell, Josh Gracin, Josh Groban, Joshua Payne, and Josh Turner.

Here is a little information about these talented men that have the same first name:

Name: Joshua Bell
Genre: Classical- Violin
Albums: Joshua Bell- Gershwin Fantasy, Music of the Heart, Iris, Closer (Josh Groban) Romance of the Violin, Voice of the Violin, Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, Defiance: Music from the Motion Picture, Angels & Demons, At Home with Friends,  The Red Violin (and many more)
Quote about: “Bell is a stellar performer. In him, there is a perfect blend of impeccable technique and unquestioned musicality. When you hear him play something, it’s almost as if you feel that what you’re hearing is the definitive version of the work-so profound is the listener’s musical experience.” – Deseret News

Name: Josh Gracin
Genre: Country
Albums: Josh Gracin, We Weren’t Crazy
Quote about: “Josh has such a GREAT country voice. This is what he was meant to be singing. He’s simply amazing, and this album (Josh Gracin) shows that. He has a smooth country voice, and the writers of these songs showed that off and had great lyrics.” – Amazon.com review

Name: Josh Groban
Genre: Classical Crossover/ Pop – Baritone
Albums: Josh Groban, Closer, Awake, Noel, With You, A Collection, Chess, Illuminations
Quote about: “Mr. Groban has an indisputably beautiful voice.” ~Stephen Holden, New York Times

Name: Joshua Payne
Genre: Pop/ Vocal – Baritone
Albums: Your Love, My Home; Same Shoe Second Verse (both can be purchased on his website.)
Quote about: “Joshua Payne has a delicious, melt in your mouth voice, that makes women weak in the knees. Coupled with his soulful, spiritual lyric interpretations, he is a bright new star destined for greatness.” ~Amy Sky

Name: Josh Turner
Genre: Country
Albums: Icon, Haywire, Your Man, Everything is Fine, Long Black Train
Quote about: “Turner hits both extremely high and very low notes with ease — and he’s careful to ensure listeners fully hear and appreciate the messages and/or stories in every song.” ~The Nashville City Paper

There are many other artists named Josh, such as: “Jake” Owen (Country), Josh White (Bluegrass/ Country), Josh Page* (Classical Crossover/ Pop/ Opera – Tenor), Joshua Radin (Country) and Josh Thompson (Country)

I’m sure that Joshua being one of the top names for the past century (or so) may have something to do with the number of musicians with this name, but it’s still interesting to see how many musicians share a name.

*Note: Keep an eye out for Josh Page, he is a terrific up and coming young singer.


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