Irish Ladies

To continue with my Irish theme, I have two lovely singers: Orla Fallon and Cara Dillon. These women have truly amazing voices. Orla and Cara both sing in a traditional style, but have added their own unique style to help them stand out from other artists. Their music touches the soul and shows a deep love for their work and heritage.

Orla Fallon is from Knockananna, Ireland and was once part of Celtic Woman. Since Orla left Celtic Woman to pursue her solo career she has been very busy. She has released “Distant Shore,” “Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas,” “Winter, Fire and Snow,” and most recently “My Land.” The first two I have and listen to constantly, they beautifully demonstrate Orla’s amazing vocal talent and fantastic harp skills. I’m waiting for “My Land” to arrive in the mail, because of its popularity on PBS, it’s on backorder (I guess everyone knows it is amazing). Her “Winter, Fire, and Snow” album is on my list of albums to buy, and the previews I’ve had show that it is just as incredible as her other releases. Orla has also filmed 2 DVD specials; one was “Celtic Christmas,” the other is “My Land” which is now being shown to great success.

Another talented Irish singer is Cara Dillon. She has a similar sound to Orla, but is noticeably different. She has an unique down-home feel that is completely different from Orla’s but is still incredible. Like several other musicians I like, Cara is from Derry, Northern Ireland, (click for others from Derry). Cara is currently touring the UK and Ireland, so catch a show if you can. She has also recently recorded the opening song for “Tinker Bell & the Great Fairy Rescue,” which will hopefully increase her fanbase.

These two talented women have beautiful voices and I’m glad I have had a chance to share their music with you.


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