Beyond Celtic

Michael Londra is a tenor with a wonderful voice. His smooth sound is stunningly unique and the way he conveys the emotion of each song is astonishing. Michael is using his talents to spread Irish/Celtic music to a new audience. His latest endeavor is titled “Beyond Celtic.”

On March 18, Michael Londra will film a PBS special, “Beyond Celtic” at the California Theater of the Performing Arts in San Bernadino (for tickets, includes pre-show event). Guest stars are Sephira and Frankie Gavin & De Dannan. You’ll have an amazing time if you go to the filming, or any show in the subsequent tour performances. If you can’t get to the filming, please support PBS when it airs in July/August.

A very short bio:

Michael Londra is from Wexford, Ireland. Since he started singing professionally in the 1990s Michael has starred as Bobby Kennedy in “JFK” and Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” has appeared as one of the lead singers in Riverdance and in several other successful theatrical productions. He has worked with and performed with other singers such as Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Il Divo, Brian Kennedy, Sarah Brightman, Heather Headley, and Celtic Woman. Michael Londra also founded RadioCelt, which is part of the AccuRadio network of stations.

Michael is an ambassador for Concern Worldwide, whose goal is to bring an end to extreme poverty and hunger throughout the world.

Further Info:


Sephira is comprised of Joyce and Ruth O’Leary. These sisters have amazing skills on the violin and with their voices. Their first album, “Believe,” was released in 2006. The follow-up album, “Sephira,” was released in 2008. Since the release of their second album, Sephira has been busy performing throughout Ireland and the UK. They have also traveled throughout the US and Canada as part of Celtic Thunder. After leaving Celtic Thunder in 2010, the ladies have been performing throughout the US and Ireland.

Frankie Gavin & De Dannan

De Dannan is a group with an ever rotating cast of musicians. Singers that have been in and out of the group include Mary Black, Dolores Keane, Eleanor Shanley, Jimmy Mc Carthy, Tommy Fleming and Andrew Murray.

De Dannan currently consists of Frankie Gavin (Fiddle/Flute/Whistles), Damien Mullane (Accordion), Eric Cunningham (Percussion/Flutes/Whistles), Mike Galvin (Bouzouki/Guitar) and Michelle Lally (Vocals).

On his own Frankie Gavin is considered a legend of Irish music. He has released 16 albums with De Dannan, and 7 solo albums and studied a wide range of music.

The combination of Frankie Gavin & De Dannan is said to be exhilarating and you should expect the unexpected when they perform.



  1. Frankie Gavin will be performing at 2012’s Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin on Friday 27th January, in the City Hall. Tickets are on sale now from, so get booking! You cna also check out the TradFest website for all the information about 2012’s festival

  2. wholesomewomanhood

    Thank you for your comment on our blog. I’m very pleased to find someone else who enjoys Celtic Thunder.

    You asked if I still enjoy their music…and yes, I do. (After saying that though, I don’t really like the songs on their most recent album, Heritage.) I don’t like all of the songs on any of their albums so I just purchase the individual mp3s of the songs I do like. But overall, I do still enjoy their style of music and many of the songs they choose to sing.

    ~ Melinda ~

    • Celtic Thunder has songs I don’t like sometimes, but other times I’m in the mood for them. They have enough variety that I’m always happy to listen to some of their songs.

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