Love is in the Air

I’m no expert on the subject of love, but I’m still searching for the right person and maybe one day I’ll find my one true love. All I know is that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

“My First True Love,” by Christopher Dallo talks about two people that were madly in love and uncertain about how it would change as they grew.

In “Love Of My Life,” by Jim Brickman, the man has completely fallen for the woman. He doesn’t know how he lived before her, but he now knows he can’t live without her.

Luciano Pavarotti and Barry White were two great men that shared their love of music with the world. Their version of “My First, My Last, My Everything,” brought together men from different backgrounds and showed that music (like love) is universal. This song acknowledges that a man has fallen in love and doesn’t ever want to give it up.

The Rose” is also a great love song. It’s a warning that love is precious and is easy to destroy. If you find love nurture it to keep from losing it.

I  would love to know how you interpret the songs above. Which love/romantic songs do you love?


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