O Canada

Christopher Dallo and Aria Tesolin are two talented, young singers from Ontario, Canada. These remarkable Classical Crossover musicians have been amazing audiences for years despite their young ages.

Christopher Dallo
This 18 year old tenor has a big voice and is quickly gaining international recognition for his phenomenal talent in the Classical Crossover / Pop-opera field.

In 2009, he came to the attention of David Foster and joined him on his Hit Man tour. He then stunned audiences with his incredible rendition of “You Raise Me Up.” Since then he has shared the stage with such greats as Peter Cetera, Charice, Sarah McLaughlin, Ruben Studdard, the Canadian Tenors, Josh Groban and many more.

Not only is Christopher a fantastic singer, he also writes music. He co-wrote, co-produced and performed the touching “My First True Love,” the theme song from The 40 Year Secret, a documentary that premiered on January 25, 2011 on CBC.  This song and his album are available on iTunes.

Visit Christopher’s new website for a complete biography, or visit him on Myspace to hear his beautiful voice.

Aria Tesolin
Aria became an online media sensation with “8 Year- old Opera Singing Sensation;” a few years later at 12, she hit the internet again with “The Youngest Opera Singer in the World.” At the age of 14 she released an album “Baby Soprano.” Now at 17 years old, she has had more than 5 million views of her videos. She sings in six languages and is writing some of her own material.

Despite the operatic training, this mezzo-soprano is more commonly referred to as a Classical Crossover / Pop-classical artist. This genre fits better then the opera classification because Aria has taken her years of training to create a rich, beautiful sound unlike any other.


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