My Irish Tenors

I was going to write a blog about all the tenors I could name, but I realized no one would read a blog that long. So, I decided to start with two of them; Tommy Fleming and Paul Byrom.

Tommy Fleming and Paul Byrom have many things in common. They’re both tenors, Irish, and have worked extensively with Phil Coulter. They have both performed and toured at great music venues and for important dignitaries around the world (for more info, please visit their websites). Both men have left successful groups (De Danann and Celtic Thunder) to pursue their solo careers. These men have also had nicknames attached to them. Tommy is referred to as The Voice of Ireland. Paul is called The Velvet Voice, and has been dubbed by his fans as “The Swanky Tenor.”

Despite naming some similarities, my intent isn’t to compare them. Both men are equally talented and have completely different sounds, due, in part, to their training. Tommy has a pure tenor voice that has little, to no training (that I know of). Paul has been training with vocal/operatic coaches since the age of 7. (You can hear a “Silent Night” duet of Paul (adult) with himself as a boy soprano on his Christmas album “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”)

Whether looking at the similarities or the differences, Tommy Fleming and Paul Byrom are two remarkable men with amazing skills. They both sing with heartfelt emotion and can completely engage their audiences with their voice (and in Paul’s case also with his eyebrows). They both have a pure sound and depth in their voices that is incredibly pleasing to the ears.

These talented men have fans around the world and I wanted to share their names with those people that may not have come across them previously.

Tommy Fleming’s “Going Back,”

Paul Byrom’s single “If I Could Cry”

If you would like to hear more, a good place would be on their official Myspace pages (Tommy’sPaul’s), on their official websites (Tommy Fleming, Paul Byrom), or on Facebook (Tommy, Paul)


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  1. Wonderful article. You have captured the essence of two of my favourite tenors of all time. I love your blogs, and look forward to reading a whole lot more of them. Carol

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